What have you learned about yourself during Iso’?


As a school teacher for the first 20 years of my adult life, I’ve been around people, lots of people on a daily basis. Having a chat, constant interaction, banter and a laugh, I just have to have it, every day.

I’m a self-confessed people person.

Now, after certifying and working with over 3000 fitness professionals around the world, I thrive on getting out meeting and talking to people. Face to face contact, you can’t beat it.

So what happens when that’s taken away from you, indefinitely?

That’s something I’ve really struggled with during this Covid-19 saga.

My cooking demos’, our fitness training workshops, nutrition courses….travelling to see our trainers and coaches and their clients, catching up with friends we surf and paddle with, even going to my fav café’s and gyms for a daily natter and ‘stress release’ all stopped.

Like most of us, for me now my outing is to the supermarket and back home.

And I’ve struggled with it, big time.

For years, I’ve used facetime to chat to family, particularly my sister based in London. However, when video now becomes THE ONLY link to the outside world somehow it just didn’t seem the same for me.

That is, until now.

Connecting is wonderful but connecting with a purpose is amazing. 

The emergence of Zoom has become a key method of delivery for so many fitness professionals in this time. They’ve had to push aside their own intense personal stresses, work incredibly hard and give a lot under very difficult circumstances. Additionally, not knowing when it’s going to end, makes it even more stressful.

Under that sort of stress I know you don’t think clearly and it’s hard to get creative in your workouts. So it only made sense to give to the coaches that give so much.

Each week, Paul and I host free access Zoom classes for MP Coaches and professionals.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm we flick the Zoom switch and coach the coaches, sweat, ache and have a laugh. Today it was a no equipment day but we made ‘em hurt just as much as a full blown gym set up.

Designing my budget healthy recipes and videos nourishes my creative side. However, these on-line fitness classes have really been a tonic I’ve needed. It really brings out the old school teacher in me.

So if you are working with a Trainer or coach on-line, they’ve probably got all the stresses that you do. If we all keep giving a little to each other during this time, it might be the secret to evolving from all this, a better person.

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