My best kept secret for fat loss


It’s been busy! Long weeks of editing the final draft, getting more great recipe pics in the kitchen and filming my cook up videos for the NEW Transformation Cookbook.

For example, for the last few weeks I’ve been in front of the computer often for 12-14 hours each day editing over 160 new recipes.

Combined with all the other aspects life, family and running a business I just don’t have time to stop and make healthy meals from scratch.

I bet you don’t have the time either!

One of my secrets for staying in great shape from my 30’s right through to my 50’s is the Cook-up.

Why is the Cook-up so important?

We’ve been teaching fitness coaches and athletes the power of cook-ups for over 15 years. Now I’m going to share all my kitchen secrets with you.

The best fat loss secret we’ve always taught coaches and athletes is, food proximity.

That is, if it’s close by and easy to get to, good or bad, eventually you will eat it!

That’s why it’s so important to have better choices always at hand.

That’s why Cook-ups are so powerful.

They teach you how to keep the most important secret of fat loss and nutrition.

One of the features of my New Transformation Cookbook is my meal prep/Cook -up video series.

I love cook-ups because they save so much time, money and make life so much easier.

When you purchase my New Transformation Cookbook you get my series of easy-to-follow cook-up videos!

What I do is pic several recipes from my NEW Transformation Cookbook and show you how to sync them together in the kitchen.

Each cook-up video is around 30 mins, I show you how to cook 3, 4 or even 5 of my recipes together. The end result is often an entire weeks worth of delicious meals prepped and done for you and your family.

These Cook-up videos make you the expert and the whole family will love you for it!


 Feed yourself and your family wholesome, delicious food and transform your body.

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