Maldivian Tropical Tuna Salad


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A Maldivian dish known as Mas Huni, is the inspiration behind this MP featured recipe. Mas Huni, is a typical meal served for breakfast in the Maldives. It composes of tuna, onion, coconut and chili.  All ingredients are finely chopped and mixed with the grated meat of the coconut. OMG its' sooo delicious! 

Such a simple, easy dish to make, I just had to share it with you all. In true Shar fashion, I have added a few extra ingredients, flavours and made a few substitutions to create MP's very own version of Mas Huni - The MP Maldivian Tropical Tuna Salad. You will just love it!

 Serves: 6            Prep: 10 mins

6 x (125g) smoked tuna slices, drained thoroughly 
3 spring onions, finely sliced
½ medium red onion, finely diced
6 (15cm) stalks of celery, discard leaves, finely chopped
½ cup fresh coriander, chopped
1 birdseye chilies - deseeded, finely slice. (I really love these little guys, I add 2-3 of them!)
3 tbls of moist coconut flakes
cheeks of one mango, peeled, finely diced
½ small red papaya, seeds removed, finely diced
leaves of one head of lettuce, washed thoroughly and dried 
your choice of lettuce
- iceberg lettuce,
- butter lettuce or 
- cos Lettuce
drizzle with flaxseed oil, when serving

Coconut Lime Dressing
juice and zest of 1 lime
60mls lite coconut milk 
1 tsp freshly grated ginger 
1 tsp natural sweetener

1. To make Coconut Lime Dressing - put all ingredients into screw top jar, close lid and give a good shake to thoroughly combine. Alternately, whisk all ingredients together in a small jug using a fork or small whisk. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

2. To make the Maldivian Tropical Tuna Salad - transfer drained tuna into a large mixing bowl. Use a fork to flake the tuna and break up any chunky pieces. 

3. Add onions, celery, coriander and chilies. Stir through well.

4. Next, add mango & papaya pieces, and shredded coconut. Again, stir well to combine.

4. On a large platter, arrange lettuce leaves to cover the base.

5. Spoon tropical tuna mix over the leaves.  Pour dressing over salad just before serving - or serve on the side. This salad is just so refreshing and delicious.  Enjoy on its own, or with steamed/grilled vegetables.

Serving suggestions:
- The Maldivian Tropical Tuna Salad can be consumed Inside the window by simply adding your preferred choice of high-energy carbs.  Wrapping the salad in freshly made roti's is the Maldivian preferred way to eat this dish, or for a gluten free option wrap salad in corn tortillas or serve on rye toast or rice cakes. 

- Cucumber slices - I actually like spooning the salad onto large slices of cucumber. Using a knife, slice cucumber lengthways, around 5mls thickness.  

Shar’s Tips -
- If you can not find or do not like the flavour of smoked tuna, substitute with canned tuna in spring water.

- If chilies aren’t your thing, simply substitute with finely chopped red capsicum. Cooler for your taste buds, and still adds vibrancy to the dish!

 Nutrition Information: (per serve)
178.3    Protein: 23.2g     Carbs: 9.0g     Fat: 5.4g

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