Easy Chicken Avo Tacos


Right now, with what’s going on in the world and in my own country, we all need a little more love and care.

I’ve always seen preparing delicious, healthy food as an act of love – to yourself and those around you. To me, those few minutes are a most powerful, easy(and yummy) way to say, I care....both to yourself and to others.

I’m sure we all have fond, vivid memories of wonderful meals and dishes provided by someone - family and friends, gatherings of people you love and care for.

I think it's a real shame when I hear some people tell me they don’t have time to cook or can’t be bothered.

I suppose that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. Simple, easy cooking is such a wonderful, inexpensive way to care and connect.

My NEW recipe, Easy Chicken Tacos taste amazing, contain around 40% less calories, all the protein and one-third the fat of your takeaway tacos.

You'll find these in the Fabulous Family Eats chapter on-line in the NEW Transformation Cookbook.

Hope you enjoy my recipe of the week. 💪😘

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