There is nothing better than helping someone achieve a successful (permanent) body transformation – to see them gain the health, vitality, confidence and body shape they’ve always wanted but never thought possible.

    The Metabolic Precision System is your complete body transformation solution. Metabolic Precision is dedicated to educating fitness professionals and their clients, to remove all the confusion about exactly how to achieve optimum health, peak fitness and a body you can be proud of!
    When a trainer becomes a qualified Metabolic Precision Provider they become part of a great team. A team of highly skilled, like-minded individuals dedicated to delivering this genuine gift, which is possibly the greatest gift of all.

    Meet the MP Advisory Board

  • Dr Paul Cribb PhD
    CEO & Founder

  • Shar Sault
    COO & Founder

  • Trish Veugelaers
    MP Mentor

  • Matt Wolfs
    MP Mentor

  • Dave Oulton
    MP Mentor

  • Pete Brown
    MP Mentor

  • Mel Cook
    MP Mentor

  • Ana Thomas
    MP Leader

  • Liz Kalabakas
    MP Mentor

  • Rhys Mildren
    MP Leader

  • Michelle Adams-Arent
    Science & Education

  • Chad Islip
    Strength & Conditioning

  • Dr Susan
    Kleiner PhD. RD.

  • Dr Alan
    Hayes PhD.

  • Dr Shawn
    Arent PhD.

  • Dr Abbie
    Smith PhD.

  • Dr Kelly
    Kenndy PhD.

  • Dr Darryn
    Willoughby PhD.

  • Dr Matthew
    Cooke PhD.

  • Dr Mike
    Greenwood PhD.

  • Dr Lem
    Taylor PhD.

  • Dr Paul
    Henning PhD.