A carpenter and football player by trade, Luke Archer took the plunge into the industry with both feet 3 and a half years ago and has never looked back.

In this short amount of time Luke completed his formal PT certification, upskilled to MP Certifications 1 and 2, opened a boutique PT studio on the fridge of the Brisbane CBD and created a thriving business, completed MP Level 3 Certification, then expanded to a larger premises that employs other trainers. Luke is currently undergoing MP Level 4 Certification.

Luke's handy work, before & after Scott Wockner

During this time Luke has taken around 100 clients successfully through multiple MP programs! He has a transformation portfolio illustrating dozens of amazing testimonials. And, Luke's been able to bring Rachel his beautiful wife into the business full time. Best of all his fully systemized, PT studio is exploding!!

Luke Archer has achieved what most trainers never do and he’s done it in less than half the time that it takes many successful business people.

This level of achievement and such on-going commitment to self improvement at this pace would surely promote burnout or some sign of fatigue? However, when I sat down to lunch with this dynamic duo they looked like they’ve come from a day at the beach, relaxed, beaming and full of enthusiasm.

  Have look at the lean muscle one of Luke's clients, Chris Merlo packed on.

Indeed, in all my 20-something years in this industry assessing Personal Trainers, Luke Archer is a special person. So I knew MP readers and trainers would love to learn more about Luke and how to achieve what he’s achieved.

PC: What made you get into Personal Training?

Luke: Like all stories I have had many up's and downs. As a young kid I grew up on the sunny Gold Coast. I always had aspirations to play rugby league for the Broncos. Wally Lewis was my hero.

I started playing footy at the age of 5 for the Tugun Seahawks. My parents knew that I was a naturally gifted athlete, winning most events I entered from track and field to swimming etc.

Then at the age of 12 I discovered the surfing world, drugs, alcohol and girls. This lasted for over a decade. I was very heavily into drugs. This turned my world upside down. I was a completely lost young man trying to find out who I was as a person.

The hallmark of a Transformation Specialist is a professional that can achieve various results across a wide spectrum of clients. Before & after - Louise Callum

I turned back to Rugby League, the only thing I really knew that I was good at. I went from playing locally on the Gold Coast to being signed and coached by Wayne Bennett at the Broncos. This was a surreal experience and completely changed my life. This was in the 2008 season, which was the last year Wayne coached at the Broncos.

PC: If you’re a Rugby League fan, you’ll know at the time, the Brisbane Broncos and Coach Wayne Bennet was the pinnacle of any aspiring young football player – a modern-day equivalent to Lombardi and the NFL Packers. To even be considered by Bennett at the Broncos you had to be special.

Luke: Trying to play professional football and working as a builder was a massive challenge . Training for 2 hrs in the morning and work a physical job for 8 hrs to then go back to training for another 2 hrs was mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

before & after - Krystle Dunne. Transformation by Luke Archer.

This is where I decided that I wanted to start Personal Training. I really thought it would be just teaching clients how to lift weights and eat the right food. I never knew how much changing their body and lifestyle would have an effect on their entire life and the way they perceive the world. This got me hooked on trying to find the best way to maximise the results for my clients and this is where I found Metabolic Precision. I am forever grateful that Cribby and Shar put MP together.

PC: How long have you been a trainer?

Luke: I don't class myself a trainer, I am a Transformation Specialist. And I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2009.

PC: What you've achieved so far in a short amount of time is amazing- can you tell us more about your business, the studio and the team you have working with you?

Luke: Thank you! We have been going from strength to strength as a business. After just 6 months in the industry, it was a must for me to open my own studio. As you know this is a competitive industry but there is definitely not a shortage of people looking to get 'fit and lose weight'. Knowing this we (we being my beautiful wife Rachael) did some research into where would be the best place for us to have the most amount of impact on people's lives. And so we decided on New Farm - on the edge of the beautiful Brisbane CBD.

Luke and the lovely Rachel Archer!

We have been in New Farm for 16 months now and we have helped a lot of people in the local area. We have several great products including our FIRE - the body shaper, ICE - science-based group fitness, MP Group Transformation, a unique Corporate Program and we will be launching our On-line Nutrition Coaching program very soon.  We love helping people achieve life-changing success. As we have been fortunate enough to be quite successful at a young age, we love to give back and watch others succeed also.

PC: Care to share some wisdom with trainers new to the Industry?

Learn then take action on what you have learnt. Measure the result and keep evolving until you get the desired outcome. And remember to enjoy the journey!

PC: What made you sign up for Metabolic Precision Certification?

I am always looking to learn the best way to get the maximum results for business and my clients. One of my friends, who was on MP, got amazing results and she gave me her folder to read and the rest is history. Of course when I met yourself and Shar I knew I was investing in a gold mine! Aside from this business we are now focused on developing a health retreat and a drug rehabilitation program for teens and young adults aged from 12- 25.

before & after - James Alcock

PC: I’ve marveled at how consistent you are with getting results with people other trainers find very challenging. The culture and work eithic you’ve created in your studio among your clients is amazing. Are you willing to share some of your secrets?

Luke: Sure, no problem, happy too. First let me say thank you to both you and Shar for the opportunities you've given me. You have both helped my business and personal life more than you could ever imagine.

I’ve created what I have from implementing the MP systems to the letter – everything a trainer needs for success is in there, I consider MP the top of the health and fitness industry. So let me pay it forward so-to-speak and give readers the MP Life Transformation Studio Accountability System

Results are the name of the game, so we want to ensure we are giving our clients every opportunity possible to get the most out of their MP program. The level of success your clients have are a direct reflection on your ability as a trainer. This is the process we use at our studio:

  Mr and Mrs Archer - a team that trains together stays together...

Initial Consultation: We have an in depth initial consultation with our client and we establish:

a. Specifically, what their goal is?

b. Why it is so important for them to achieve it (this is probably the most important part of the process, as their reason why will drive them to keep going, no matter what)

c. When and where they would like to achieve their goal?

d. How will they feel when they get it? (Asking this question gets their positive emotions involved and linked to their goals)

e. How will they feel if they don’t get it? (Asking this question gets their uncomfortable emotions involved – they want to avoid feeling this way!)

f. Will they achieve their goals if they keep doing what they are doing now? (This helps them realise they need to change what they are currently doing)

g. What barriers have held them back in the past? (Eg money, time, lack of support, lack of motivation, etc)

h. Are these barriers still a challenge for them? (This is another key part of the process – if these barriers are no longer a challenge, it enables you to overcome objections -if any- when you get to price presentation time)

i. We then discuss non-negotiable standards with our clients. They first of all commit to themselves – for example, they will not miss a session with their trainer, they will send their E-file in every week, they will complete all sessions as prescribed, etc. We also determine a consequence if they fall down in one of these areas – eg one week with no Facebook, no clothes shopping for a month, no watching sports on tv, etc – something that would be painful for them to do.

We ask them what they want us as trainers to do – eg, call them once a week for an accountability check. Go to their house to clear out their cupboards, etc. Same as with the clients, the trainers commit to consequences should we fall down in an area. Eg given them a session for free, donating to the charity of choice

Having these non-negotiable standards set in place at the outset really helps to set the clients up to be focused and excited about their goals.

Knowing that their trainer is also equally committed to them ensures they feel supported along their journey.

We have other systems in place for consistently reminding our clients of their goals throughout their journey, revisiting them at every session.

Read more from Luke, How to Create your Ideal PT Business.

Luke Archer is an MP Level 4 Transformation Specialist and an MP Mentor; one of select few highly regarded MP Specialists that offer an internship program of excellence for other MP trainers.
Contact Luke Archer, here.

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