Aside from training clients and making a living, most trainers have no idea what kind of business they are trying to build.

Some define “success” as a full appointment book, fitting their lives around 20-40 clients, starting at 6am and working till 8 or 9pm, and doing that 5 or even 6 days a week.

After one or two years of this some “smart” trainers try to leverage themselves out of there business using “traditional” business means – hiring and having others working for them. Only to experience even more headache managing staff and heartache when staff quickly diminish the great client base they worked so long and hard to build.

The result is often after a quick 2 or 3 years in the industry, most Personal Trainers have a business that they work for, are a slave to. The entity doesn’t work for them.

To create your ideal business, PT business by design, experienced and new trainers alike need to understand the business they’re in.

Most PT’s fail to realize that communication skills and the art of building relationships are two of the cornerstone attributes.

A third, and equally as important is the development of tangible, systemized yet integrated products that deliver solutions (not create more problems) - products that keep creating value for the client and time for the professional. 

These cornerstone attributes of a successful PT business far outweigh the workouts, the new equipment trainers keep purchasing, the staff they keep searching for, the volume of clients they work with and even the marketing campaigns.

Can you build a drastically better PT Business compared to all those attempts seen before you?

A business that delivers a life-changing experience and results for every client but also works for you?

That is, gives the Trainer a business structure, income and time to take advantage of life’s wonderful opportunities?...All without the risk of crushing debit, being vulnerable to staff or a hundred hours of contact time each week?

Let me provide you with one real-life example.

A carpenter and football player by trade, Luke Archer took the plunge into the PT industry with both feet just 3 and a half years ago, and he has never looked back.

In this short amount of time Luke completed his basic PT certification, up-skilled to MP Certifications opened a boutique PT studio on the fridge of the Brisbane CBD and created a thriving business. 

“Just one of the amazing things I've learned since being in the MP  Program is how to build the type of business that delivers the life you really want. What I wanted to do was return to play professional Rugby League.

However, I was taking more than 15 one-on-one clients through the MP program at a time, which equated to 30-40 sessions and follow ups every week.

Luke & Rachel - a great team!

For a trainer that's relatively new to the industry, my schedule was fantastic - thanks to the MP structure, I had absolutely no cash flow problems and every one of my clients was focused, highly motivated and a pleasure to work with every week. Business was fantastic!!

However, to return to the professional football arena, give it my best shot and still keep my business afloat would mean some major restructuring and I wasn’t sure how I would do it.

Getting accepted into MP Level 4, was definitely a huge turning point. MP Level 4 showed me how to restructure my business completely and develop products that maximized time efficiency and client value.

The first phase was a clear focus on a unique LPS (Lower Priced Service). Within 7 months our LPS was a buzzing community of over 60 people and growing. We did this all with little to zero marketing cost - yet another skill set delivered by MP Level 4.

Luke in action, doing what he loves.

My LPS along with my new FIRE training product has totally revolutionised the way I run my business. FIRE has created so much time for me and value for my clients – This simple, effective resistance training format produces an incredible experience for my clients every time.

The MP Corporate Program was the key to tap into our current network of clients and develop relationships with some fantastic businesses. These relationships have enabled us to help a wider variety of people and we look forward to continuing the alliances long term. I’ve delivered the MP Corporate Program to major corporations in the CBD right through to my local football team.

The new business structure I developed meant I could return to elite football after two years away and devote more time than ever to the conditioning and fitness I needed to gain that real edge. In fact my comeback this year was so successful I won an Award for Best Player of the year.

Financially, having clear, value-packed, systemized products has been gold, I've been able to rely on multiple income streams, we have no debts and my wife and I can feel safe knowing we are financially secure. Also this year we were able to have our dream wedding at Hamilton Island, and honeymoon at Hayman Island, then move into a bigger house to prepare for the new addition to our family.

Luke is genuine Transformation Specialist that has taken well over 100 clients through the MP Program individually.

I'm so at ease with my business, the clarity of direction and confidence in our future. Incredibly this has all come from just one year in the MP Level 4 Program.

I really have to thank Cribby for helping me achieve all this; build a business that enabled me to do what I love to do this year.

I’ve utilized Metabolic Precision to change hundreds of lives; my clients, the MP Trainers I Mentor, and now my entire family, for generations to come."

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